Kong Linghui: Female team wants overturn body to battle Liu Guoliang says Du Sai is new start

Beijing time on May 24, CCTV-5 ” sports news ” paid close attention to preparing for war in Luxembourg the circumstance of the Chinese team that world ping surpasses. Chinese daughter pings the bishop drills Kong Linghui expresses, whole group should be hit in Dusaierduofu break up to battle personally. Total coach Liu Guoliang says, world ping surpasses Dusaierduofu is cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games battle阿爱上海同城

s the first times of 5 big battle greatly.

Chinese ping-pong team arrives at Luxembourg late on May 20 local time, the near future all undertakes in place adaptability trains, the technology that holds to 4 many hours everyday trains, and physical ability of a hour tr上海夜网论坛

ains. Whole group predicts 26 sunrise send Dusaierduofu local time. Liu Guoliang expresses, the training of Luxembourg is a when whole world pings contest prepares for 上海千花网

war main component.

Liu Guoliang says: “Du Sai is cycle of T上海龙凤论坛sh1f

okyo Olympic Games the biggest battle in 5 big battle, serve as so (in about) the 阿拉爱上海同城

biggest battle after the Olympic Ga阿拉爱上海同城

mes, we basically are new old alternant. By a few old Olympic Games champion, take a few young team member, no matter male team still is female team. Be in so this is periodic, new often will be a theme that competes continuously alternately. New often will be a theme that competes continuously alternately..

The 5 big battle that Liu Guoliang says, was 2017 respectively individual life ping surpasses Dusaierduofu, the Haermusidade that was in Sweden in April 2018 will hold a world to ping contest organization is surpassed, world ping surpassed Budapest individual event 2019, the world 2020 pings contest organization is surpassed, and in those days Tokyo Olympic Games.

Going up of the month go up without Xi Yajin contest, beautiful eaves of champaign of 17 years old of young general of Japanese is successive conquer urge again and again, Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng main force of 3 China group, take female Chan Guanjun. Bishop of Chinese female team drills Kong Linghui says: “Each world ping surpasses the player that take part in the match, this is an opportunity to them, also be a test their process. Especially inferior lose of bright and beautiful contest the circumstance of female odd gold comes down to take part in the match, every athlete is responsible the preparation that makes good overturn body battle. ” (Red)

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