Wan Shengde of dimension of little at present arranges Roman Feng Wangcheng first place 90 hind the Great Master surpasses champion

ATP’1000 Rome Great Master surpasses the enter into rivalry that ends the last day, year only German Xin Rui of 20 years old is small Ciweiliefu uses 6-4 in finals, the score of 6-3 is over get the better of heart of champion of 4 sports meets to make an appointment with Keweiji, harvested an individual champion of match of level of first Great Master. Small Ciweiliefu is winner of champion of game of the 4th master, the youngest Roman contest champion after also becoming what Nadaer of 19 years old lost laurel 2006, heart of 19 years old made an appointment with the youngest after Miami gains the championship Great Master to surpass champion 2007.

Small Ciweiliefu appears on a Great Master to surpass finals first, contend for a coronal with the Deyaokeweiji that has 30 Great Masters to surpass champion, this also is bilateral those here first fight hand to hand. A bit of dimension of little at present does not have stage fright, will rely on strong forehand to receive on serve grab attack shatter heart to make an上海千花社区

appointment with爱上海

first to serve bureau. Besides German new him fighting spirit serves quite strong. Heart fail to create any broken hair opportunities about, the success of dimension of little at present in the 10th bureau dish Ace ball with a bang goes out to be protected smoothly one after another in the bureau hair.

Second dish beginning heart makes an appointment with patting error to mean dimension of little at present to be defeated once more hair, build the lead dominant position of a 2-1. The hair that German新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

young general maintains stron上海千花网

g first and last is bulbiform voice, heart serve in adversary about be without in the bureau as. Heart o上海千花网

f the 9th bureau makes an appointment with double miscarriage to give game ball, outside of drive of king backhand of Wei Yatian of Er of a place of strategic importance invites triumphal submissively posture.

The heart of Mu of the base of a fruit of sweep anything away made an appointment with fall after a rise of the condition in finals yesterday, hit cent of 11 get the uppe阿拉爱上海同城

r hand of to send active error however. Active fault is only while dimension of little at present is hitting 16 get the upper hand of to divide 14.

Heart hit about 8 times into Roman final, get the better of rate for 50% , champion of game of a master or the Roger last year this cup, and the many haing contest that a champion comes from the beginning of the year recently.

Small Ciweiliefu is the first is taken surpass champion to the Great Master 90 hind player, in the new world rank that announces in Zhou Yi, he will ascend first the cavalcade of body Top10.

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