Palace of the dream austral 10 thousand generation is classical game ” the gram collect Noah of wind ” animation announces to cancel

It is early south 16 years of 10 thousand generation dream palace is classical behavioral game ” the gram collect Noah of wind ” announce to will roll out theatrical edition animation, animation will make a company be in charge of adapting by an United States, and gut is to be based on game world outlook to undertake be achievinged completely formerly. But now, ” the gram collect Noah of wind ” official small gain shows animation cancels, perhaps can come true in the dream only. ” the gram collect Noah of wind ” the government: Project of theatrical edition animation had cancelled, wish gram collect Noah and companion of big the daily life of a family, he still can appear in our dream probably, his story can touch everybody’s heart deeply, bring everybody the hope, thank the to us support that players come to for years, one day perhaps he still can come back! ” the gram collect Noah of wind ” the earliest it is Na Meng palace one when roll out went up with PS platform 1997 similar ” super Marie ” with ” Suonike ” the horizontal stroke of series board behavioral pass a barrier, of this series game newest a work or 2002 the GBA game of put on sale ” the badge of the star of fokelore of a large number of heroes of gram collect Noah ” , went 14 years to now game itself was not made newly all the time appear.

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