” the brim of lens: Activator ” picture of PS4, XB1 is fluent and comparative video

 Recently, intermediary DigitalFoundry is in outside its Youtube channel gave off ” the brim of lens: Activator ” the frame that Beta of lead plane board checks counts comparative video.

 In video, setting of great majority of two lead plane is OK with 60 frame stability moves. And in a few motion in acuteness setting, can see functionary of PS4 profit from is powerful, when a lot of frame count wave motion, frame number is higher than Xbox One, move more stable and fluent. But in animation of cross the stage when, PS4 is turned over to exceed by Xbox One however. Although two lead plane are put in frame to count wave motion, but whole is quite fluent still, hope later period undertakes in a few setting relevant optimize.

 ” the brim of lens: Activator ” will at official on June 7 this year put on sale, land PC/PS4/Xbox One platform, expect please.

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