” radiation 4 ” ” rigid army group ” DLC can install sexy beauty leg to be caught

” radiation 4 ” (Fallout 4) new video was revealed catch leg of great beautiful sexy beauty, do obeisance to place of DLC of rigid army group to grant, yes, and listen like going up ghost cultivate.

” radiation 4 ” DLC of rigid army group had gone up line near a week, but till recently everybody just will catch as beautiful as sex appeal leg rise repeatedly. Chamberlain robot is caught had been the decoration that everybody has not been familiar with again, after having a robot to define a function oneself nevertheless, players can play it give new pattern.

Rigid army group allows a player to install different robot part the body in AI attendant to go up, the player still will face machinist of new great villain in drama. Most player can select the part with the strongest attribute, but also the player can go after pure beauty model.

Although be caught,be ” radiation ” there is representative robot associate most in series, but DLC of rigid army group still brought new robot part ADA for everybody, this robot combined attack machine support of the people to defend the component of the robot. After encountering her, she can tell a player a new menace: Machinist, it will be not divided enemy all mankinds in federal of my ground attack and robot.

Still will have after rigid army group a lot of ” radiation 4 ” follow-up and patulous content. Bethesda states they are preparing similar ” pocket monster ” DLC, plan the line on April, greeted the largest and patulous content May next. And everybody expects long already live mode also will at next week open Beta checks.

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