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It is a kind of common phenomenon, and no matter most person is the male or female, if happen,be serious effect is healthy below fat circumstance. And reduce weight now the method has a lot of kinds, what often can use is take drug reducing weight orFall in love with the sea

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Person it is the method reducing weight that be on a diet, move of course method reducing weight just is mostLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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What the method must notice is to be able to insist to be done for a long time. Gem gal is a kind of very good method reducing weight, often do not only can edify sentiment, and the health that is helpful for human body. So what is the effect of shade gem gal?

The effect of shade gem gal

Shade gem gal is what gem gal

Want health than general gem gal, and the requirement is done not have so strict, namely the gem gal that a lot of moment are dawdler. The movement is differ want a standard surely, need to hold to for long nevertheless, and the relaxation that pay attention to the standard that is not a movement is spent!

1, Yin Yu gal is loosened relatively, in the skin, muscle ordinal and loose circumstance falls, thorough to connective tissue deeper even level has an experience. In the breath of shade gem gal, pay attention to expiratory play action more.

2, the focal point that wants gal of respecting Yin Yu, mix in Yu Genlun, abdomen annulus umbilical annulus, namely below 3 rounds on the body. These 3 rounds of foundations that are atman and energy, relatively other and four-wheel and character these 3 rounds it is electronegative.

3, the breath of slow slightness, quiet time of the movement is long, the muscle that invites the body is loosened completely, achieve the connective tissue that extends the Ga that play character thereby.

4, make a feeling inward go, pay attention to the experience of oneself.

5, the staying power that exercises a person, for gemA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The process repairing refine of gal lays next good sit quietly foundations.

6, Yin Yu gal falls in dim lamplight namely, bend over or be to lie in hold the comfortable relaxation on pillow in the arms. Can use really pillow also can bend over or holding in the arms is to lie above, holding pillow in the arms is the finds extend place that makes us better only, make drawing so not intense but still have pullSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Extend a feeling.

The effect of shade gem gal

The advantage of shade gem gal reachs action

A lot of people know the advantage of gem gal, nevertheless gem gal still has an advantage to let the body loosen namely then, a lot of people fall in high-pressured circumstance, the body will be very inflexible, and gem gal adjusts the inflexible rate of the body namely, airframe gets very good relaxation.

1, Yin Yu gal does not care. To everybody the concept can differ somewhat, in form of characters or letters of Yin Yu gal, everybody can do corresponding adjustment according to his body circumstance.

2, the extruding with Yin Yu OK and effective gal and flesh of exciting body waist, adjust rachis, stimulation passes the cystic classics of next back and sacrum, kidney classics, through the lobar classics of the side before the leg, lienal classics, extruding and exciting kidney and adrenal, this movement can alleviate wonderfully back is aching. The OK and effective exciting thyroid gland when the head is admired backward and parathyroid.

The effect of shade gem gal

3, Yin Yu gal can loosen hip joint, ease back pressure, the side outside the ham of aching; drawing of delay unship back, extruding ham inside, stimulate liver classics, kidney classics, bravery classics.

4, be in commonly the form of characters or letters in Yin Yu gal is not difficult, every movement is dormant period of time, need keeps 3-5 minute, it is 10 minutes even sometimes, the movement that secures for long maintains, combine the breath of slow nature, can make muscle receives spread below the condition that loosens completely, the body that invites us experiences the charm that brings to gem gal.

5, when the body enters a certain form of characters or letters, the vigor of the body is raised. In passing exercise breath and form of characters or letters contemplative, just make we become can rest in natural condition more.

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