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Common saying has this kind of view ” veins that stand out is a inch long, birthday delays 10 years ” . Means bones and muscles is good, can enhance body immunity power, achieve the result of the prolong life thereby. Although the view is exaggerative, but muscle is right healthy1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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importance is self-evident. Qigong of our country traditional fitness ” classics of easy veins that stand out ” in have the treatise to muscle and health really: “Muscle loses a lax, anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong criterionFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Strong, muscle and criterion health. “

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine calls the person’s skin, flesh, muscle, bone, arteries and veins ” 5 body ” . The parenchyma that modern medicine place says is similar to the category of muscle. No matter be the gymnastical qigong of Chinese tradition,classics of easy veins that stand out, 5 birds make fun of, 8 Duan Jin, shadowboxing, still be contemporary gymnastics, setting-up exercise, even popular nowadays gem gal, have the move of fitness of a lot of lacing wire.

Might as well do a self-check first: Is the waist when you bow acerbity? When crouching successful? When walking, does the muscle of calcaneal place have emissive drawing keenly feel? When walking together with othersFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Become aware oneself pace always is stridden not quite? If you have afore-mentioned problems, you may appear ” muscle shrinks disease ” , say a bit commonner the muscle lack that is you is stretch, especially those like to ride instead of walk with the car, like to sit all the day1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Move the friend that does not move should notice more. Afore-mentioned problems that if eliminate other disease,cause, be about to try ” lacing wire ” take exercise. Such is helpful for that retain the vigor of muscle, maintain health of muscle arteries and veins, raise fitness thereby, prolong life.

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