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The reason of cervical ache is more, because the reason of cervical vertebra disease is caused,be likely, also be muscle likely strain and cervical and traumatic wait cause, we should want to because of,send cause of disease according to it, treat to disease next. The disease that strain of general cervical vertebra causes, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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People should want to notice to rest more, next proper massage a few cervical vertebra will promote what cervical vertebra handles blood to flowLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Connect, the friend that goes to work for a long time to computer especially, should want mobile cervical vertebra.

Cervical ache is what reason

1, neck ache is what reason: Cervical vertebra disease

Because lower his head for long Morpheus of volt case job, use computer, tall pillow, drive time grows to make cervical vertebra happening retreats a sex to change etc too, retreat when cervical vertebra become certain proliferation of cervical vertebra bone can be caused after degree, and neck interverbebral disc is outstanding. Bone hyperplasia and interverbebral disc are outstanding and oppressive wait to be able to produce a neck to cervical nerve, muscle, ligament painful.

Cervical ache is what reason

2, neck ache is what reason: Cervical muscle strain

Cervical muscle strain also calls neck flesh fiber myositis, as a result of,be cervical parenchyma of iteration urgent chronic injury, appear inflammation of asepsis of sex of cervical muscle scar and ache, exciting muscle produces abiding contractive condition, occurrence flesh is nervous, long-term fit causes muscle bureauLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Convulsion of ministry parenchyma blood-vessel, muscle and muscle film offer hematic inadequacy, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Nutrient obstacle, inflammation of constituent asepsis sex is aggravating, form vicious circle so, make ache more drama.

3, neck ache is what reason: Cervical and traumatic

The reason with traumatic cervical vertebra is very much, like traffic accident, fall, bump etc, injury wait to cervical muscle, skeleton and appear the neck is painful. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Cervical ache is what reason

4, neck ache is what reason: Stiff neck

This is be caused by of amlposition of cervical vertebra small joint, when sprain cervical, perhaps sleep the pose gets incorrectly, suddenly perhaps chill Shi Xie inbreak cervical, cause occurrence amlposition of cervical vertebra joint and cause a neck painful. This kind of ache is sudden fit more, neck roll accentuates sorely namely.

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