[have in abdomen accumulate fluid] – of pathogeny of _ origin _

Article introduction

There is the person that accumulates fluid in abdomen, majority is the type of fluid of abdominal cavity accumulating, the disease that causes commonly has a lot of reasons, the heart disease that exemple as usual sees, hepatic disease, peritoneal disease is to bring about there is the main reason that accumulates fluid in abdomen, there has been organic loss before the patient for instance, had become an operation, on food carelessly or itself has peritoneal bore a hole, time became long meeting fester infection, form accumulate fluid to accumulate fluid to be able to bring about abdomen to greaten, need seasonable platoon sky.

 Have in abdomen accumulate fluid

Semiotic cause

1, serous colloid is permeated pressure reduce.

2, the blood stream inside liver is kinetic change and portal vein high pressure.

3, the leakage outside hepatic and lymphatic fluid and circumfluence suffocate suffocate.

4, nephritic blood stream is kinetic change.

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Sodium retention.

6, hormone metabolization is disorder.

7, endotoxin blood disease.

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8, peritoneal blood capillary is connected appear a gender to increase.

9, burst of celiac viscera perforation.

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Common disease

() cardiovascular disease

Chronic hyperaemia sex is pericarditis of right heart exhaustion, oozy sex, chronic shrink narrow block of vein of sexual pericarditis, Keshan disease, liver is asked for integratedly, liver small vein is out-of-the-way block of thrombosis of disease, portal vein, vein finishing speech is asked for integratedly, former hair sex restricts core myapathies.

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(2) liver disease

Hepatitis of sex of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, virus.

 Have in abdomen accumulate fluid

(3) peritonaeum disease

1, peritoneal inflammation

Pancreatitis of peritonitis of sex of oozy sex n/med tuberculosis, acute is intercurrent lupus erythematosus of peritonitis of peritonitis, lung fluke sex, systematization is intercurrent peritonitis, cholesterol is sexual peritonitis, much the chorion that send a gender is phlogistic, be addicted to is acerbity peritonitis of bead cell sex.

2, peritonaeum tumour

Tumour of the skin between peritoneal move cancer, peritonaeum.

(4) nephritic disease

(5) nutrition obstacle disease

(6) other

Chyle sex ascites (celiac chyle) , disease of the malign and lymphatic tumour of celiac viscera, hypothyroidism, Meigesi (Meigs) is asked for integratedly, biliary sex ascites.

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The abdomen that should identify ascites, beard and other reason be caused by correctly above all expands differentiate. Make clear the pathogeny further according to medical history, symptom and series examination.

() medical history

The ascites that different pathogeny causes has the medical history of each the primary affection. Be like the ascites that causes by heart disease, often labor sex breathes difficult, palpitate, the lower limbs after the activity is bloated, nightly Morpheus often takes Gao Zhenwei or half seat. Often can help toward medical history already diagnose. The ascites that splanchnic disease causes, have hepatitis or chronic liver medical history more.

(2) medical

Divide to the medical of ascites outside having mobile sex voiced sound, the system that often has the primary affection is asked for, there is cyanosis it is thus clear that when the ascites that causes by heart disease examines system, all round oedema, jugular anger piece, the heart expands, splenomegaly of quiver of the area before the heart, liver, rhythm of the heart is wrong, the body such as heart valve cacophony is asked for. Hepatic disease often has complexion dark and gloomy or decline Huang Ran of mucous membrane of yellow, lacklustre, skin, facial, cervical or bosom can have spider mole or have wall of liver palm, abdomen varicosity, the body such as liver splenomegaly is asked for. The ascites that nephritic disease causes can have facial expression cadaverous, the body such as oedema is asked for all round. Complexion tide is red, calorific, abdominal tenderness, celiac wall has withy feeling to be able to consider peritonitis of n/med tuberculosis sex. The patient has angular, cachexia, lymph node enlargement or abdomen to bump is malignant tumor more.

 Have in abdomen accumulate fluid

(3) lab examination

Lab examination often is the important step that discovers cause of disease. Disease of blood of liver function damage, low albumen can hint sclerosis having liver, a large number of albuminuria, nitrogen of element of blood in the urine and flesh anhydride lift clew kidney function is damaged, immunology checks pair of liver and nephritic disease diagnose also have important sense.

The inspection that passes celiac puncture fluid can determine the property of ascites and the cause that differentiate ascites. Ascites examination includes:

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