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 Swimmy disease is not a kind of very serious illness, as long as it is OK that everybody is adding an attention more at ordinary times, be in especially summer when, should have done defend the measure that bask in, avoid to appear on the road swimmy circumstance, and should eat a few food that enrich the blood more, improve anaemic symptom. Be aimed at the precaution of swimmy disease, we should want those who strengthen the body to take exercise, and the attention lives the adjustment of environmental airiness and time of work and rest.

 Swimmy defect is serious

Dizzinessing is subjective symptom it is a kind of motion discipline becomes aware or athletic illusion is the directional feeling that the patient concerns to the space feeling of patient of obstacle of obstacle or balance feeling1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Be moved in move coming back to outside ambient or oneself or shaking is by the vestibule place of neurological pathological changes is caused differ with dizziness generally speaking the carry kinaesthesia that dizziness does not have outside ambient or oneself rotates namely the top-heavy mind of patient action in chief is not clear etc.

Accompany disease of sex of swimmy whole body

Accompany diseases of all sorts of swimmy sex of common whole body

1, cerebral blood-vessel sex is swimmy: Happen suddenly acuteness rotate the gender is swimmy, can accompany have disgusting vomiting, 10-20 Queen of heaven is reduced gradually, much companion has tinnitus, deaf, and mind is clear.

2, cerebral tumor sex is swimmy: Inchoate often appear to be spent gently swimmy, can show sway feeling, flabby feeling, and rotate the gender is swimmy and scarce, often have the odd side tinnitus, symptom such as deaf, as pathological changes evolution can appear adjacent1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The body that close cranial nerve is damaged is asked for, if ill side is facial,coma and feeling drop, all round sexual face paralysis.

 Swimmy defect is serious

3, neck source sex is swimmy: What expression is a variety of forms is swimmy, companion dazed, rock, stand a variety of feelings such as feeling of flabby, ups and downs. Dizziness to break out repeatedly, its produce as abrupt as the head roll to have obvious concern, happen when cervical motion more namely, when present sit up sometimes or lying change a sex is swimmy. Time of general show effect is brief, several seconds differ to several minutes, also have durationFall in love with the sea

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Longer person. Neck can happen when morning rises or hind occipitalia is aching. Partial patient can appear neck nerve root is oppressive symptom, namely arm pins and needles, faint, hold content not to fall independently. Above of half the number can be accompanied have tinnitus, 62-84% patient has have a headache, much confine is carrying occipitalia on the head, chang Chengfa makes a gender jump painful.

4, eye source sex is swimmy: Sex of blame motion illusion is swimmy, main show is flabby feeling, with the accentuation when the eye is excessive, after shutting an eye to rest, reduce. Swimmy duration is shorter, goggle see the outside carryLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Accentuate when the object that touch, after closing a key point, alleviate or disappear. Constant companion has vision ambiguous, eyesight drops or diplopia. Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Examination of function of flesh of eyesight, eye ground, eye often has unusual, neurological as good as often is behaved.

5, cardiovascular sex is swimmy: What hypertensive disease causes is swimmy determine through blood pressure can diagnose clearly. Carotid antrum is asked for integratedly can bring about dizziness spasmodically or syncope. Come on inducement is the element that causes carotid press press suddenly mostly, if turn quickly neck, lower one’s head, collar passes to wait closely.

 Swimmy defect is serious

6, endocrine sex is swimmy: Hypoglycemia sex dizzinesses to often break out before starve or taking food, last ten minutes several to come 1 hour, the symptom after taking food alleviates or disappear, constant companion has fatigue feeling, blood sugar of the examination when fit can send existing hypoglycemia to exist. Thyroid function also can be brought about mussily swimmy, clinical give priority to in order to balance an obstacle, OK to the relevant examination of thyroid function diagnose.

7, what blood disease brings about is swimmy: Disease of Gao Ning of leukaemia, malign anaemia, blood all can cause swimmy, it is OK to be checked through haemal system diagnose.

8, nerve is luscious the gender is swimmy: Patient symptom expression is diversity, dizziness fastens false sex to dizziness more, constant companion has have a headache, the head bilges, heavy feeling, or insomnia, heart-throb, tinnitus, angst, much dream, attention is not centered, memory drops wait for a variety of neurosis expression, the content outside notting have rotates or oneself rotates, rock feeling. To the woman of 45 years old of above, still should notice to be asked for integratedly with the turn of life differentiate.

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