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A lot of people like to have dry fish, we can put many salt when making dry fish. Can let a fish not only so more long and it is OK to save time the flavor that lets a fish is changed somewhat, there can be better taste while the dish that make is tasted, but to major person it is direct buy dry fish in the market, do not know how oneself undertake souse does a fish. So, is the souse method of dry fish what kind of?

 Do souse method of the fish

1, how to make kipper

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The back of the human body manages operation, the fishbone of incision the back of the human body, the fish splanchnic with the fish branchial dispel; does not want bathe, and should use a clean rag, little ground sassafras accumulates the film inside blood and black inside clean fish body, show fresh and tender cruelly oppressFall in love with the sea

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. With fine salt or the salt of Chinese prickly ash that oneself had machined additionally (put Chinese prickly ash and fine salt in boilerLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Ripe) is fried in, go up in cruelly oppress, want even, do not want to wipe on piscine skin.

After piscine whole body wipes good salt, nod slightly with wine scatter on the fish that has wiped salt, the; of sweet mellow smell that keeps due is put in contented basin, porcelain altar squelchs a week. Finally already the fish of souse good a week is taken, with bamboo piece the one side that supports salt, with firmer fine cord, cross from eye place, condole is hanged in outdoor cool dry, want wind to blow as far as possible work not to want insolation, in that way cruelly oppress delicious; big fish wants ability the body sliver of a fish two half, take out is all and splanchnic, salt 9 days, next airing.

 Do souse method of the fish

2, the nutrient value of kipper

Bloating in the treatment process of dried meat fish, as a result of microbial andShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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In raw material fish enzymatic kind action, of the reductive, protein hydrolyze that produces nitric acid salt, amino acid take off the biochemical change such as shuttle and the hydrolyze that take off ammonia, fat to pledge and oxidation, make piscine body has distinctive local color and nutrition. Dried meat cruelly oppress is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, nutrient valueShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Very tall, protein content is 26.7% , adipose content is 30.8% , vitamin A content is abounded especially, the content of the element such as phosphor, calcic, iron is very high also.

 Do souse method of the fish

3, the kipper harm to human body

Bloat the protein of dried meat fish resolves the amine matter with many generation, souse fish contains nitrite, food of long-term edible souse, this kind of material is accumulated inside human body ceaselessly, can bring about cancer of the stomach and nose pharynx cancer, esophagus cancer, arm skin cancer to wait. Rich protein and moisture content are contained in piscine body, because the bacterium is mixed enzymatic kind catabolism, protein excessive the putrefaction that decomposes the protein in can creating piscine system. The adipose organization of certain amount is contained in piscine body, bloating to dried meat fish is machined and store up the meeting in waiting for a processLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Produce complex chemical change, the final result of adipose oxidation basically is short cable length carbolic radical compound, create the undesirable special flavor of food. Below most circumstance, these child are harmful to human body.

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