[Qiu Kui and seafood can eat together] _ of _ sea product feeds no-no – together

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The effect inside abelmosk, actually Qiu Kui although such food is not liked by so much person, but have very high value however, for instance Qiu Kui can stir-fry, can Bao soup, and after still can parching, eat, abelmosk does barbecue also is very pretty good, nevertheless Qiu Kui and seafood can match together eat, this still should have a look how to do ability to become more delicate.

Can abelmosk and seafood eat together

Abelmosk seafood thin pancake made of millet flour


Abelmosk 5, oriental cherry shrimp is right amount, smoke 2 small fully, the head of garlic 3, green 2, dry chili pink is right amount, egg 2, in muscle flour (the cup that measure rice) 8 minutes full, water is right amount, corn bead is right amount, sesame seed balm is right amount, salt 1 small teaspoon, candy is right amount, white pepper right amount


1, Qiu Kui. Smoke fully cut. The head of garlic cuts end. Green cuts chopped green onion;

2, take a bowl. Qiu Kui. Smoke fully. Oriental cherry shrimp. Corn bead. Garlic powder. Chopped green onion. Do chili pink. . Flour. Water. Lay 2 eggs. Flavoring a mix is even;

3, small fire. Put a few oil panada. Put simmer in water. Decoct goes to 2 golden OK.

Assorted of Chinese style seafood wraps around Sa


Wrap around Sa sauce material (left) : Tomato 300 grams, onion half, garlic 4, tomato sand manages 2 spoon, butter 50 grams, black pepper 2 small spoon, salt is right amount, candy 2 spoon, niu Zhixie 2 small spoon, basil 1 small spoon, wrap around Sa stuffing material (the) of right: Green lantern any of several hot spice plants 1, onion half, fresh shrimp meat 200 grams, dried mushrooms 8, egg 1, zhi person piece 16, wrap around Sa skin material: Tall muscle flour 200 grams, low muscle flour 100 grams, water 200 grams, olive oil 15 grams, saccharic 10 grams, dry ferment red 1 small spoon, salt 1 small spoon, milk powder 20 grams, ma Su Li Zhishi 240 grams (I do not have Ma Su Li Zhishi, put France Yuan Weizhi of 100 auspicious blessing person piece) .


Wrap around the practice of Sa sauce:

1, tomato has been ironed with boiled water, flay cuts Xiaoding.

Can abelmosk and seafood eat together

2, onion goes the garment is abluent cut Xiaoding, garlic chop becomes fine and soft.

3, hot pot puts butter to boil to dissolve, put onion, garlic to fry 1 minute.

4, have oceanSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Green, garlicA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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after fragrance comes out, add tomato man, conflagration breaks up fry.

5, fry a juice hind when tomato, join candy, black pepper, Niu Zhixie, basil, break up fry even, build turn small fire boils 20 minutes, boiler lid often is opened to break up in boiled process fry1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, lest paper a bottom.

6, after been boil right now if water portion is more, turn conflagration receives juice to become sauce, join department of sand of salt, tomato to break up fry even can.

Wrap around Sa stuffing practice:

Green lantern any of several hot spice plants goes the nucleus is cut, onion cuts into shreds, dried mushrooms is cut with warm water macerate, shelled fresh shrimps mixes with cooking wine, pepper, salt divide evenly, bloat 20 minutes tasty. The egg infiltrates saline break up is put to reserve in the bowl, zhi person piece can cut into shreds or grain.

Wrap around the practice of Sa skin:

1, will all material kneads dough, knead become very strong to dough path, pull out opens dough to be able to form thinner film, knead dough to patulous phase can, last on the lid below 26 degrees of room temperature film, ferment to 2 times big.

2, enrage the dough crowded clean after fermenting, next waking is put in room temperature to send 15 minutes.

3, distribute the dough that has sent 2, put on chopping board, press with the hand flat, the bastinado that use a face becomes dough roll cake of face of shape of garden of 9 inches of size.

4, face cake make it among thin, all around thick appearance, bake dish oiled, put face cake in bake dish on. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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5, broach fork is used on face cake a few alveolus, the beat end the cake when preventing to bake rises.

6, in olive oil of layer of the Tu Yi on cake, put room temperature to ferment 20 minutes.

7, brush with wool in cake skin all around sweep an egg fluid, sweep among on wrap around Sa sauce.

8, put 2 Zhi person dried mushrooms of any of several hot spice plants of green lantern of shelled fresh shrimps of lacerate, 50 grams, 1/4, 1/4 and onion.

9, put any of several hot spice plants of a Zhi person, onion that remain, dried mushrooms, green lantern and shrimp meat again next.

10, put a Zhi person finally.

Can abelmosk and seafood eat together

Oven 200 degrees of warm-up 10 minutes, will wrap around Sa puts oven to bake 20 minutes, take out, in wrap around a Zhi person is put again on Sa, bake again 5 10 minutes one, wait for Zhi

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Heat can give after, bite: Fat sweet seafood wraps around Sa gives heat!

Attention: Above material is 2 wrap around the deal of Sa.

The Han Shihai of happy cooking is bright cake


Egg. . . . . .1,

Leek. . . . . .100 gram,

Shelled fresh shrimps. . . . . .100 gram,

Flour. . . . . .30g,

Pickle. . . . . .100g,

White sugar. . . . . .1 small spoon,

Salad oil. . . . . .15 gram


1 leek is cut paragraph, pickle mincing

2 eggs and divide evenly of agitate of shelled fresh shrimps, add a cooking wine,

3 mix all material, join flour, white sugar mixes divide evenly

A few oil are put inside 4 boiler, fall, booth is smooth, medium baking temperature heats, decoct makes panada can slipShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

5 search an area, decoct is ripe other one side

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