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Article introduction

When the youth dines together together, general metropolis chooses to drink beer, under photograph comparing, the degree of beer is smaller still, but this is not represented can drink beer more, drink beer for a long time to be able to have a lot of harms in great quantities, gain flesh easily for instance, additionally beer is drunk much also be can drunk, drink beer to want to control good amount likewise so, drink beer to also a lot of is pay attention to additionally, that beer pass the night that open can be you still drunk?

Can be the beer of pass the night drunk?

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Can be wine drunk?

The proposal does not drink beer of of the previous night. Beer nutrition is rich, not seasonable edible is like to be over after opening bottle, long placement causes a bacterium easily, be in especially the summer, beer room temperature deposits a few hours to be able to happen become angry, arise even sedimentary, do not suggest so edible of of the previous night.

Composition of nutrition of interior of beer of of the previous night had been decomposed by the bacterium, the bacterium breeds in great quantities inside beer, drinkable after such beer brings about the semiotic beer such as diarrhoea easily to open, should drink as soon as possible.

Can be the beer of pass the night drunk?

A few hours after beer is opened can become angry, change flavour. Temperature high rate is rapidder, the beer after be being opened so is unfavorable save, after opening, be about to be drunk immediately. Because beer nutrition is rich, produce quantity of heat big, long-term and many drinkable meeting creates system inside adipose accumulation, cause potbellied, form ” beer belly ” , thereby easy bring about fat the fat that reach blood, blood pressure is elevatory.

The advantage of beer and disadvantage

1, beer has higher water content, can satisfy one’s thirst; In the meantime, the organic acid in beer has pure and fresh, life-giving effect.

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Can reduce excessive excitement and intense sentiment on one hand, can promote relax of flesh dried meat floss; On the other hand, can perverse stimulate nerve, promote digest; Besides, the natrium of low content in beerA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, the supply that alcohol, nucleic acid can increase cerebrum blood, outspread coronary artery, be opposite through offerred blood the metabolization activity of the kidney that perverses to stimulate and accelerate human body.

Can be the beer of pass the night drunk?

2, drink beer to conduce to stable mood. Once have irritatingForum of Shanghai night net

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When the mood, sit to be worn delicate cole, right amount ground drinks bit of beer, can be opposite the action that stability reachs since fluctuant mood.

3, the action that drinks beer to have hairdressing beautiful system. Rich female is contained in beer hormonal, the female friend of tipple beerShanghai night net

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Friendly, because skin is smooth meticulous, breast plump, posture is well-balanced, can reveal a female oomph more. Additional, piShanghai noble baby

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The snake in wine is pitted still contain cool and refreshing part, mix to face blister pustular etc have very pretty good precaution effect.

Pass the introduction of above, everybody does not drink the beer of of the previous night as far as possible, they say beer time is longer, the effect is better, but of the previous night is absent have a bee, say the effect is not good certainly so, for oneself healthy, must not pursue temporarily save trouble and damaged oneself.

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