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In dietary habit of the Chinese, normally little not a soup, the sort of soup is very much now, for instance people eats with various fleshy stew, perhaps stew bone soup to eat, besides, almost all vegetable can boil Shang Lai to eat, those want the person that reduce weight, must eat a few vegetable more at ordinary times, the quantity of heat that vegetable place contains is very low, and still have the effect such as stimulative defecate, everybody teachs to become the means of soup of vegetable reducing weight below.

How is soup of 7 days of vegetable reducing weight done?

Soup production makes 7 days of vegetable reducing weight:

On Monday: Xianggu mushroom Gao Li food boiling water

Breakfast: 1. System of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan of whole wheat earthnut 4, peanut butter 1 teaspoon 2. Cucumber, tomato is trichromatic salad pieplant melon piece, small cucumber piece, tomato each 50 grams 3. Orange of willow of juice of attenuant Liu Chen 2

Lunch: 1. Plumule rice half bowls 2. Spinach beef: Spinach 80 grams, beef is 40 grams, oily 1 teaspoon 3. Xianggu mushroom bean curd: Xianggu mushroom 1/ of 10 grams, bean curd1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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2, soy, vinegar a few 4. Turnip clear soup: Bai Luobo 60 grams

Dinner: Xianggu mushroom Gao Li food boiling water

Cook means: Onion is 50 grams, tall beautiful dish 100 grams, Xianggu mushroom 100 grams cut into shreds, 100 grams cut caraway lump or strip, add 4 ~ 5 bowls of water are boiled, add proper flavoring.

Nutrient component explains: Fresh cucumber water content is vegetable in highest, can be born when the fruit feed, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, do not have caloric burden again. Contain rich Potassium to pledge, diuresis step-down, it is fat person emperor reducing weight is tasted. Xianggu mushroom contains a lot ofthe crude fibre of protein, carbohydrate and calcium, iron, can promote calcic absorption.

How is soup of 7 days of vegetable reducing weight done?

Tuesday: Bean sprouts green pepper filar soup

Breakfast: 1. Salad small eat is wrapped 2. Wheaten embryo milk

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Eat: 1. Plumule rice 2. Shrimp coils 3. Fry cabbage mustard dish 4. Kelp soup

Dinner: Bean sprouts green pepper filar soup

Cook means: Acupuncture needle (work) bud of 30 grams, soya bean silk of 100 grams, green pepper 100 gramsShanghai Long Feng forum

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, agaric 100 grams, will all material adds 4 ~ boil of 5 bowls of water is boiled. Can be added by oneself or flavor soup-stock dilute.

Main nutrition component explains: The wheaten embryo of lunch, abandon a large number of vitamin B1 and lecithin, can help mental development, promotion learns efficiency. Kelp contains brown alga glue, iodine qualitative, reach a variety of vitamins, mineral, it is the nourishing food with rich nutrition not only, it is to be helpful for symptom of hypothyroidism of precaution, cure more, but function of metabolization of aggrandizement whole body.

On Wednesday: Cucumber acupuncture needle mushroom soup

Breakfast: 1. Steamed bread of whole wheat of egg of steamed bread clip 1, omelette 1, oily 1 teaspoon 2. Soya-bean milk one cup

Lunch: 1. Flexibly face Chinese cabbage of 1 bowl of green rivers 100 grams, balm 1 teaspoon 2. Soup of medlar towel gourd 3. Scallion evaporate eggplant

Dinner: Cucumber acupuncture needle mushroom soup

Cook means: Gold nails stay of proceedings 80 grams, Xianggu mushroom (male) melon of 20 grams, pieplant a few of 100 grams of 100 grams, abalone stay of proceedings, caraway, chinese rhubarb melon husks stay of proceedings of section, abalone, Xianggu mushroom is cut, add right amount flavoring with acupuncture needle stay of proceedings boil is boiled, add a few caraway again.

Main nutrition component explains: Soya-bean milk contains B of rich vitamin A, vitamin group reach potassium, calcium to wait mineral, have moist skin and the effect that fight cancer. The quantity of heat that towel gourd contains is extremely low, can clear thermalization is phlegmy, diuresis discharges poison, more function of immunity of can strong reincarnate put oneself in another’s position, it is modern optimal the natural food that prevents cancer.

On Thursday: Burdock turnip fabaceous soup

Breakfast: 1. Salty congee of cornmeal of chopped green onion: Cornmeal (ripe) 1 bowl, dogmeat not 1 two, a few of chopped green onion 2. Salad of actor case fruit: Apple 3, strawberry 4, banana L

Lunch: 1. Plumule rice 2. Dish of 100 pages snow: 100 pages dish of 25 grams, snow is 60 grams, oily 1 teaspoon 3. Caraway beef: Caraway 50 grams, beef 2 two, oily 1 teaspoon 4. Laver tomato soup: Tomato a few of 50 grams, laver.

How is soup of 7 days of vegetable reducing weight done?

Dinner: Burdock turnip fabaceous soup

Cook means: 100 grams, Bailuo predicts burdock 100 grams of 100 grams, red turnip, young soya bean 50 grams. Stripping and slicing of burdock stripping and slicing, Bai Luobo, will red turnip, add 4 ~ with young soya bean 5 bowls of water are boiled, can add right amount flavoring or soup-stock.

Main nutrition component explains: Actor case is the lacteal Ming of caky condition, the salad sauce of replaceable edible, pile up in order to reduce needless caloric. Snow dish, renown potherb mustard, it is the tender bine leaf of leaf mustardleaf mustard, contain a lot ofa variety of vitamins, mineral, grow to human body development, maintain physiology function big helpful.

On Friday: Lettuce cauliflower soup

Breakfast: 1. Fruit: Watermelon 2 2. Macaroni salad: Ripe macaroni vegetable of 50 grams, assorted spoon of 1/2 of sauce of 50 grams, salad, currant 1 spoon

Lunch: 1. Plumule rice half bowls 2. Curry chicken piece: Gallinaceous piece 2, yam is 40 grams, oily 1/2 spoon, curry flavors 3. Bean sprouts of cold and dressed with sause: Gram bud a few of 100 grams, balm 4. Xianggu mushroom bamboo shoot piece soup: Bamboo shoot piece 50 grams, Xianggu mushroom 3

Dinner: Lettuce cauliflower soup

Cook means: Lettuce 120 grams, cauliflower 4 kinds of 150 grams, vegetable (refrigerant) 80 grams. Lettuce cuts proper size, cauliflower to dial piece, add the refrigerant vegetable that buys inside the supermarket to boil boiling water, add right amount flavor can.

Main nutrition component explains: Currant is adolescent girl enrichs the blood, the emperor of embellish skin is tasted, conduce to during adjusting physiology unwell, reach make the skin smoother and ruddy. Bean sprouts, can prevent gum haemorrhage to reach scorbutic, on the other hand, can protect skin beauty white, it is beautification cutaneous essential element.

On Saturday: Agaric Chinese cabbage soup

Breakfast: 1. Muffin + honey 2. Rice breast

Lunch: 1. Tomato macaroni: Thoroughly cook macaroni 1.5 bowl, tomatoes are 50 grams, tall beautiful dish is 50 grams, broken ground meat 1 two, oily 1 teaspoon 2. Soup of bavin fishiness fish: Bean curd 2, Chai Yu a few.

Dinner: Agaric Chinese cabbage soup

Cook means: Chinese cabbage 200 grams, agaric 50 grams, acupuncture needle (work) end of 30 grams, mustard 50 grams, carrot 100 grams. Chinese cabbage section, agaric, carrot cuts proper size, join acupuncture needle to use 4 ~ 5 bowls of water are boiled, leaf mustardleaf mustard goes up after flavorring not.

Main nutrition component explains: Honey contains a variety of ferment and nutriment, nevertheless quantity of heat and general and saccharic same, also answer at ordinary times edible of set limit to. Tomato ” vegetable fruit ” fame, basically contain have fiber and vitamin C richly, the tomato has stimulative digestive effect, its vitamin C is in the boil process that boil, unlike is general vegetables and fruits is destroyed easily.

Sunday: Towel gourd delivers boiling water of dish bamboo shoot

Breakfast: 1. Yam congee: Yam rice of 50 grams, embryo 30 grams 2. Turnip doing fries an egg: The turnip does 20 fair grams, egg 1, oily 1 teaspoon 3. TenderForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Bean curd 1/2 piece 4. Strawberry 5

Lunch: 1. Bake black peppery beefsteak: Beefsteak 1 (2 two) , a few of black pepper, soy 2. The potato that bake: Potato 1, butter 1 teaspoon 3. Silk of sesame seed beef: Beef silk 1 tea of 45 grams, sesame seedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, white vinegar a few.

Dinner: Towel gourd delivers boiling water of dish bamboo shoot

Cook means: Bamboo shoot piece dish of 150 grams, hair 20 grams, towel gourd a few of 200 grams, chopped green onion. Bamboo shoot child stripping and slicing of section, towel gourd, with 4 ~ with hair dish boil of 5 bowls of water is boiled, after flavorring, go up.

Main nutrition component explains: The content of potato vitamin A is quite high, in addition contain rich vitamin C, calcic, iron and fiber again qualitative, because its are contained amylaceous especially tall, can replace staple food kind rice, exalt satiated feeling.

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