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Article introduction

Hotpot soup noodle the making method of this kind of thing is simpler, want us to had made hotpot soup copy only, put noodle into Shang Li face to thoroughly cook fish out to come next edible is OK. But the practice of hotpot soup bottom is need flowerLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Expend a bit kongfu, because hotpot compares coquettish, we need to join ginger to wait undertake going raw meat or fish, and can join the render palatable such as pepper, scatter above noodle again next on chopped green onion or caraway.

 The practice encyclopedia of hotpot soup noodle


The material that make

Advocate makings: Noodle (standard pink) (500 grams) hotpot (thin) (300 overcome)

Complementary makings: Caraway (10 grams) Bai Luobo (300 overcome)

Condiment: Green Chinese onion (25 grams) ginger (5 grams) salt (6 grams) gourmet powder (3 grams) soy (5 grams) cooking wine (15 grams) pepper (2 grams) balm (15 overcome)

 The practice encyclopedia of hotpot soup noodle

The craft that make

1. general caraway is abluent, cut Bailuo of caraway end; Bo Xi cuts flay of green of turnip silk; , ginger completely abluent, green takes its very light blue and Jiang Yi to all cut filament, reserve; general hotpot is abluent, cut filament, put a bowl inside, join cooking wine, soy, green, ginger, refined salt, sesame oil to mix divide evenly.

2. will fall inside boilerLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Xian Shang, turnip silk is put to thoroughly cook after burning heat, put mix the hotpot silk of good stuff, the cease-fire after boil of the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing joins gourmet powder, it is water in which noodles have been boiled namely.

3. takes one clean boiler additionally to pour water, noodle is put after burning boil, fish out parts after thoroughlying cook inside a few bowls, add fresh boiling water of hotpot silk turnip, scatter on pepper, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Caraway, can edible.

 The practice encyclopedia of hotpot soup noodle

Nutrient value

Noodle (standard pink) : The main nutrition composition of noodle has the; noodle such as protein, adipose, carbohydrate to be digested easily absorb, have improvement anaemic, enhance the effect such as alimentation of immune force, balance.

Hotpot (thin) : Hotpot flesh is qualitative delicate, digest easily, high protein, low adipose, contain phosphatide much, relatively the adipose content of pork and beef wants little, cholesterol content is little, it is winter is prevented cold lukewarm those who fill is delicate one of; hotpot sexes Wen Weigan, can feed already fill, but dietotherapy, for food of good strong dispel disease, good energy of lifeShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Filling empty, below Wen Zhongnuan, filling kidney Zhuang Yang, unripe flesh be good at force, resist the effect of chill.

Caraway: A lot of naphtha are contained in caraway, its special aroma is naphtha sends out come out. It can dispel flesh kind flavour of smelling of fish or mutton, because this adds some of caraway in a few dish, can remove dispel smelling of fish or mutton, add olfactory distinct effect. Caraway extracts fluid to have remarkable sudoriferous Qing Dynasty to heat up the function that appears rash, its are special can exciting sweat gland secretes fragrance, make airframe sudoriferous, appear rash. Have the effect in be being moved with the stomach additionally, all come loose because of caraway Xin Xiangsheng, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis, have appetizing wake lienal action. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Bai Luobo: Bai Luobo is a the commonnest cate on common people table, contain C of rich dimension A, dimension, amylase, oxidation enzymaticShanghai night net

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, the material such as manganese. Additional, contains saccharification enzymatic element, the carcinogenic substance in can decomposing other edibles inferior saltpetre amine, rise to fight cancerous action thereby. To pectoral frowsty asthma, anorexia, cough is phlegmy wait to have dietotherapy effect more.

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