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Article introduction

Pig’s large intestines is pig large intestine, also can call a pig bowel, a lot of people love to eat pig large intestine, pig large intestine tastes have tenacity, flavor is more unique, pig large intestine is OK and hemostatic, constitutional weakling can eat enhance strength, still can stop to wait for the effect yearningly, the practice of pig’s large intestines has a lot of, afraid pig’s large intestines is adipose for fat to be afraid of person tall, be afraid of eat pig’s large intestines to be able to become fat, is pig’s large intestines adipose tall? Next we lookLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Is pig's large intestines adipose tall?

One. Is pig’s large intestines adipose tall?

Pig’s large intestines bowel of renown pig large intestine, pig, it is to be used at carry and digesting official of the viscera inside alimental, have very strong tenacity, still have right amount adipose. According to the function, pig bowel can be divided for large intestine, small intestine and alvine head, adipose content is different, small intestine is the thinnest, alvine head is the fattest. Pig’s large intestines has moisten the respiratory tract, filling theory, stop thirsty, hemostatic wait for effect, can use at treating frail and thirsty, prolapse of the anus, haemorrhoid, n/med having blood in one’s stool, the disease such as constipation. Pig’s large intestines basically is used at burning, the making dish such as braise, bittern, blast is tasted, average person but edible, during the cold diet.

2. The method that make

Pig large intestine is comfortable at burning, braise, bittern, blast, be like ” irrigate large intestine paragraph ” , ” bittern the five spices is bigLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Bowel ” , ” scamper pig’s large intestines ” , ” 9 turn pig’s large intestines ” , ” scamper spot points to ” etc.

Is pig's large intestines adipose tall?

3. Green pepper pig’s large intestines

Raw material

Green pepper 6, pig’s large intestines 500 grams, burden has garlic, ginger, soup-stock, spice has oily, salt, sauce (unripe smoke, often smoke) , essence of candy, chicken.

Preparation works

Put pig’s large intestines into water to boil, till use a chopstick can stamp leaves, when boiling, can add bit of salt, let it take bit of taste slowly, after waiting for water to leave, notice the tip that gives that pig’s large intestines is dropped to get rid of, the flavour of such pig’s large intestines won’t so choke is nose. When boiling pig’s large intestines, can give green pepper cutShanghai noble baby

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, cut growing strip, a bit thick. Green pepper had better be bought hot, if not hot word, be about stock does chili. Garlic also needs to be cut bead and piece two kinds, jiang Qie is silk… time arrives, pig’s large intestines from the fish out in water, ah, very very hot, be careful! Cut with hob law1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Agglomerate, such meetings are some more delicious.

Is pig's large intestines adipose tall?


Cheer into boiler, can put bit of salt first, when putting food into boiler so, won’t too much oil is splashed case. Oily heat puts graininess garlic, explode, nextShanghai Long Feng forum

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Any of several hot spice plants, break up fry a few times, put bit of thin soup, stew a little while! Salt is put later, as a result of before had put a few salt, put the caution when salt so, do not put much. Green pepper is fried 5 into soft, the boiler since essence of the chicken that increase a point reserves. Wash pan next and wipe clean. Fire leaves big, put oil, heat hind puts Jiang Si and lump garlic, also be to should explode, lose pig’s large intestines again go in, break up fry, add candy, unripe smoke and often smoke each right amount, fry divide evenly! At that time, go in spare green pepper, still be conflagration breaks up fry, when fragrance when 4 excessive, also be when having pot!

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